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About Adela Pedroza

Passionate Moderator


Hiring a moderator is an essential step in your research project. The right moderator makes your project a success.


· Adela Pedroza has an MBA and many years of experience working “in-house”  with corporations, as well as for marketing agencies

· Clients include Kaiser Permanente, Nestle Purina, Microsoft, Charles Schwab, The Coca Cola Co., and Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Adela Pedroza Gets Your Customers Talking


· She speaks B2B and is an expert getting people talking in the room

· Business professionals adore her because of her exceptional immersion in their fields’ key concerns

· Adela’s groups are famous for being fun and engaging

· As a multicultural person herself, Adela excels at connecting with people from every walk of life

 Adela uses creative methods to unlock customers’ unarticulated needs. Adela Pedroza holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of Arizona and a BA in American Culture from Vassar College

Adela Pedroza's Services

· Focus group moderation

· Focus group or other qualitative project management (determining participant criteria, writing screeners, overseeing recruitment, report writing and presenting)

· Thought partnership in envisioning the best qualitative research for you

· Phone and in-person interviews

· Intercepts/short interviews not in research facilities

· Online discussion boards and group moderation

· Consulting on your prior research and secondary sources

See Adela Pedroza's Services page for more details

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