Adela Pedroza's Services

Specialty Areas

· B2B – experience: insurance brokers, engineers, doctors, human resource professionals, farmers

· Health Care – experience: groups and interviews with professionals who manage healthcare plans for companies and their insurance brokers, interviews with doctors, interviews with patients

· Women’s groups – experience: women-only groups on children’s products, foods, and tampons

· Sensitive topics – experience: interviews with college students about financial aid

· Ethnic issues – experience: onsite interviews with women of color professionals

· B2B leaders – experience: Silicon Valley software engineering managers

· Onsite/intercepts – experience: believe it or not, supermarket intercepts about the OJ Simpson trial, and in-home interviews on naming new food brands

· Naming - testing names for products and services - experience: name selection for brand name products

· Project managing – For a new soft drink, Adela managed the focus group recruitment in New York and Los Angeles, discussion guide design, moderated the groups, managed the backroom, and wrote and presented the findings in an engaging talk

The Adela Pedroza Difference

· Adela listens to your feedback in the backroom during groups and gears discussions to get to the heart of what you need to know

· She knows how the backroom dynamics can be critical to your project and/or success. She will either manage or help you to manage a successful backroom experience for your team

· Adela pays attention to the small details, such as the food and other comforts 


Clients over the years have included:

Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, Charles Schwab, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Merck & Co., HP, Seagate, Research in Motion, Starbucks, The Hershey Co., Nestle Purina, and Supervalu Retail 

Why focus groups are necessary


1. Getting the truth! When you see a group in real time, you can tell when people are telling the truth. This is much harder and sometimes impossible online or in a survey.

2. Group dynamics 1 – a group allows people to build off one another’s ideas and unleash deeper and subconscious thoughts and feelings. 

3. Group dynamics 2 – a group can make people more comfortable than being interviewed alone/doing a survey alone, so that they provide more authentic answers.

4. Group dynamics 3 – my groups are fun for participants. They leave with a positive impression of the company sponsoring the research (if we wish to tell them).

5. Groups allow your team to watch in real time. I am open to your spontaneous questions.

6. Your team watching a focus group together can foster better communication, friendliness and innovative ideas.

7. A creative project in a group (such as collage design) can inspire your branding team.

8. Speaking with 20-50 customers who are your target market can be a statistically significant sample, depending upon your universe (in statistics language). Translation: in-depth talks with your target market can be just as “valid” as a large survey.

9. It is an efficient use of time and money to pull your team together to view two or three days of focus groups (especially when you can also get other work done at a comfortable facility).

10.  People want to give their opinions about and be involved in what you are creating.